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In your opinion, who is Dove King?

I would like to know your guesses and opinions about who Dove King really is. What is her true identity?
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She sounds like she's the daughter of the Good King. Maybe Raven's twin sister that no one was supposed to know about?
I have to say, that I'm surprised with that theory! What made you think that? (I'm curious)
As you said on her page, she is like the opposite of Raven, her name, her looks (well sort of, she's blonde and Raven's dark haired, maybe Dove looks more like the Good King).
That's a really nice theory. Thank you for sharing it. Keep your eye open for her story. I hope that you won't be disappointed.
Oh, I sure will! :)
Glad to hear it ^^
Congratulations, you were pretty close to guessing who she really was. Awesome!
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