Annie Frozen
New Annie Frozen Art
Daughter of Anna
Born July 15th
Age 11
Side No Side

Annie Frozen is the youngest daughter of Anna from Frozen/The Snow Queen. She is currently not attending Ever After High, as she is not old enough.


Annie is kind and fun-loving. She is rather naïve at times and has no fear which often gets her into trouble and causes her older sister to be slightly over-protective of her, this annoys Annie.


Annie has short auburn hair with a three white streaks that come from around her right temple. Her eyes are blue.


Annie lives with her mother, father and older sister Violet in the Place of Arendelle. Her aunt Elsa and cousin Icel often visit.


Annie is the daughter of Anna and Kristof from the story Frozen/The Snow Queen. She has a older sister named Violet Frozen, her aunt is Elsa and her cousin is Icel.


Annie is friends with Essy Swan and Lily White.


Annie does not have a pet as her parents do not think she is responsible enough yet.


Annie is not dating.


Coming Soon.


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