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  • Roybel1

    My "Ever After High" wiki hasn't been read by anyone yet... I was hoping that now I tell someone they can read it?

    EAH fan, 4EA

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  • MisLuck

    Writers block

    November 14, 2015 by MisLuck

    Yup, I got it. 

    I was playing Borderlands and then one sentence came to my ming and for few weeks I've been writing out that story and now that I try to come back to continue The Tale of Forest Princess I just stare at the excisting words. I know how things will go and how this story will end and another will start but I can't make it to flowing text. 

    Didn't help that I read a fantasy story I'm working on too. Now my head is a complete mix of these tree worlds. I've been looking the webisodes, going through my dolls, reading EAH books but the block stays. 

    I really dislike this. I'm chapter away from the end!

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  • MisLuck

    I would like that here would be more action than just me editing my OC's and story. More interaction between the users but it is really silent. How could we make this place more popular and alive? 


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  • MisLuck

    Mirror Blog; Elena Snow

    September 14, 2015 by MisLuck

    "So not fairy fair! My room is messed up and I got a new room mate WITHOUT WARNING. She looks odd but seems to be a silent type. Might as well get to know her better."

    "Ashlynn Ella cry your story out, my room mate is all about forests and nature."

    "Don't tell Amidala but I love to sneak to her bed when she's out and listen the leaves in the wind and look at the starry sky above. All this inside! Hexcellent!"

    "Got the most spellbinding dress today, ice blue satin and silk with white chiffong. So hexited to show this off!"

    "My room mate is so odd. She has only one dress and she tried to use a sheet as one. I acessoriazed it and made it look good. Princess styling paying off!"

    "Damsel in distressing was a fairy fail. I got a princess who is afraid…

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  • MisLuck

    My OC; Forest princess Amidala

    September 10, 2015 by MisLuck

    I have made a character for my EAH fanfic, the forest princess Amidala. 

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  • SparklRosePONY22

    Maria Maid is shy and kind she is heardworking as her mother the place maid her dastiny as a background character help her to follow her own story without breaking the rules , so she is a royal , she hase a short strawberry-blonde hair with yellow streaks and blue eyes , she can keep sacrets better than cedar wood herself , she also try to keep her true fellings when others made fun of her because she is not royalty and she choose to be a royal but all what she do is to run and haide 

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  • Ivypan800

    Check this out!

    January 28, 2015 by Ivypan800

    Hey everyone!

    So yesterday I was thinking "how can I make a character bio for OC's?" and then I came up with this>

    And I think it is just perfect! So, now I decided to make and add a template of it so all of you can have one for your OC's:D I will add the template later today and then all you have to do is fill it in like a survey! I will make a Royal one, a Rebel one and one for the image to go in, (as I add that separately)

    Diclaimer:The images are free for use, you may use them on without giving credit but please do not claim they are yours(the Ivy Pan bio image is not for use!)

    Hope you enjoy, Ivypan800.

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  • Ivypan800

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

    January 1, 2015 by Ivypan800
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  • Ivypan800

    Hi! At the end of February 2015 I will launch the Spring Project and here is a peek at my inspiration.

    YouTube MyFroggyStuff! YouTube MyFroggyStuff 2! YouTube MyFroggyStuff 3!

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  • Ivypan800


    December 9, 2014 by Ivypan800

    Hi everyone! Last month I started adding Cards for all my OC's and I have decided to add the template's to this wiki so you can give your OCs Cards too!

    Here are my Royal, Rebel, Roybel and No side template's and they are free for uses! You may use them on without giving credit but please do not claim they are yours, thank you and enjoy.

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  • Ivypan800

    New Bar

    December 4, 2014 by Ivypan800

    Hello Royal and Rebelpedia Fan Corner users.

    You probably noticed the new bar at the top of all pages. Wikia have made it to be easier for users, but frankly, I don't like it!

    There is a blog on Community Central were you can voice your opinions, here is the link.

    I hope that if enough users say no we will have a choice to have the older bar like with Visual Editor and Classic Editor. Please voice your opinion on this blog and wikia's blog.

    Thanks for reading, Ivypan800.

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  • Iamdaisy

    Mirror Blogs

    September 25, 2014 by Iamdaisy

    Hi. I have set up some pages for OC's as Mirror Blogs. Check out Ebony Queen Mirror Blog.

    Now I will be perfectly honest, I have never been on things like Twitter or facebook or any blog pages where people say things about themselves or give opinions.

    So what I am asking is, are the mirror blogs ok? Do they work like I have set them up, with a post from someone and then a comment if someone wants to comment?

    I would welcome any constructive advice on how they can look more authentic given the limitations of them being in a page rather than as a blog. OOOO I guess I could set up blogs on this from the OC....not sure what ivypan would say but it is a thought.

    Also, if anyone knows how to have the edit points along the page without having the con…

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  • SnowJewelx

    Hello, royals and rebels! I have returned from my VERY large break. You should know the reason why.

    Around the end of summer, I've been getting ready for the 8th grade, with no time for my laptop.

    So, when school started I had loads of projects and homework (the school isn't fair lol) and the only reason I ever even used the laptop anymore was for school and my projects.

    So, the stress went away and life is now going swell for me. If you remembered me while I was on the break, thank you.

    So, I will make my return and say this one message: Charli is back home, guys. c:

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  • Peaceloveandwikioneverafterhighgurl2000

    I love this website! I will try to contribute as much as I can! Check out my wiki, Royalrebeleverafterhigh or Ashlynn Ella's, which is written on another blog post by Daisy! Plz help me edit my Dark Apple page! Thx so much! :D 


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  • Iamdaisy

    Hi everyone, check out

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  • Ivypan800


    May 23, 2014 by Ivypan800

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the new fan corner!

    have fun adding pages and posting pictures.

    From Ivypan800 (talk)

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