Hi. Cuspid here. I may not be on my Mirror Blog lots 'cos I prefer to be out and about. But keep updated with me at times if you want to. If you need me urgently, hexting would be best.

Cuspid Wolf.


Just off to Enchanted Forest. Got a free period before Grimmnastics.


Cerise Mirror Blog Image


Aw, so jealous. Wish I could be with you. At Geogfairy with Jack B. Nimble. Hope he doesn't spy me blogging. Don't want detention! Although he didn't give Raven one! See you later brother! Dinner with mum and dad tonight!! Luv u fang!


Cuspid Wolf.


Hi! Caught me before I left! Have fun and yeah seesya l8r at home. Luv ya sis!


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