Ebony Swan
Ebony Swan - Daughter of Odile (the black swan)
Daughter of Odile
Born April 30th
Side Rebel
Roommate Annie Oz
Favourite Food Chocolate
Quote "Don't judge someone by the color of their feathers!"

Ebony Swan is the daughter of Odile, the black swan of Swan Lake.  She's also Duchess Swan cousin. Like her cousin, she's a great ballerina!


Unlike what many expected, Ebony is a very sweet and kind girl, always ready to help others. Slightly shy at first meeting, Ebony is a real party girl full of energy.

Although her destiny is to be the black swan, she refuses, mainly because she doesn't think that's fair to mislead people and to ruin someone's happily ever after.

She wants to have her own prince that loves her by who she is and not as a replacement.


Ebony has wavy dark brown/black hair with light pink highlights and light brown eyes. She usually wears purple lipstick and black eyeshadow. 

Like her cousin, Duchess Swan, Ebony can turn herself into a swan. However, unlike her mother, her swan form is white.


Her name "Ebony" is clearly a reference to her mother's role as the black swan and to her destiny.


Ebony lives with her mother, Odile and with her grandfather near her cousin's house. Her mother owns a ballet academy.


Ebony is the daughter of Odile the real Black Swan, even if they disagree sometimes. She never met her father nor she knows who he is. Her father figure while growing up was her grandfather. When she was little she was slightly scared of her grandfather. Ebony's step-cousins are Fardette BlackSwan and Peyton WhiteSwan

Her relationship with her cousin, Duchess, is rocky, to say the least. Ebony is always scolding her for being so mean. The two cousins share the same birthday, although Ebony is slightly younger.


After enrolling in Ever After High, Ebony quickly became friends with Justine Dancer and Melody Piper, due to their similar love for music and dancing. Later on, she became friends with her roommate, Annie Oz. 


Ebony has a white dove, named Snowflake as a pet. It was a present from her mother.


She has a crush on Hopper Croakington II, however, she does know that she's unrequited and that's unlikely that she'll have her happily ever after.

Class Schedule

  • Grimmnastics
  • Muse-ic
  • Science & Sorcery
  • Advanced Ballet
  • General Villainy
  • Dance Class-ic


Like her cousin, she's able to dance on top of the water and also can transform in to a swan.

Colour Scheme

Ebony's clothes are normally in the range of black, silver, purple and blue.


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