Essy Swan
Essy Swan Card
Daughter of the Swan Princess
Born January 16th
Age 12
Side No Side

Essy Swan


Essy is care-free, enthusiastic and friendly. She loves her sisters and enjoys dancing. She likes tap-dancing rather then ballet.


Like her sisters, Essy has black hair with white and lilac steaks. Her hair is long and she has one piece that comes over her shoulder. She has light brown eyes.


Essy lives with her sisters and their grandmother in a large house with a lake at the back.


Essy Swan is the youngest daughter of Odette (The Swan Princess) from the tale Swan Lake. She has three older sisters, Roanna Swan, Lyana Swan and Duchess Swan. Essy loves all her sisters and has a close relationship with them.


Essy is friends with her roommate Lily White, Star Ebony and Coral Witch. She is also friends with her three older sisters.


Essy has a Black Swan cygnet.


Essy is not dating.

Outfit: Basic


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