Mark Hare
Mark Hare Card
Son of the March Hare
Born March 17th
Age 15
Side Rebel
Roommate Ben Badwolf


Mark Hare is a friendly, kind boy who likes his destiny and does not want to change it, however, he is currently dating Madeline Hatter and follows her in the conflict as a Rebel.


Mark has short dark red hair, light brown eyes and he wears glasses with dark blue frames.


His father is the March Hare from the story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


Mark is best friends with Dexter Charming and his girlfriend Madeline Hatter. He is also good friends with Hunter, Hopper, Daring and his roommate Ben Badwolf.


Mark has a pet field mouse named Camellia.


Madeline Hatter is his girlfriend.


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