Rosie Beauty
Rosie Beauty Card
Daughter of Beauty
Born November 2nd
Age 14
Side Roybel
Roommate Courage Brave
Mirror Blog My Mirror Blog


Rosie Beauty is very kind and loves horses riding, well, anything to do with horses really. Rosie does not have a destiny, she is a Roybel.


Rosie has green eyes and dark red hair that she wears in a bun.


Rosie is the second daughter of Beauty and the Beast from the story Beauty and the Beast. She has an older sister named Isabella Beauty who Rosie calls Izz.


Rosie is best friends with Poppy O’Hair, Pixy Godmother and her sister Isabella. Rosie is also good friends with Holly O’Hair, Apple White, Ashlynn Ella and Madeline Hatter.


Rosie has a horse named Candle-Stick.


Rosie has a crush on Robert Beast.


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